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College of Veterinary Medicine

Scholarships at the College of Veterinary Medicine are vitally important. You can be a part of supporting veterinary nurses and doctors through providing scholarship opportunities.

MSU is a top destination for students pursuing a career in veterinary medicine. We are one of only four universities having both Veterinary Nursing and DVM programs within the College of Veterinary Medicine. This close partnership allows students to learn the importance of team care, starting on day one.

Top students become quality veterinary nurses and veterinarians. You rely on them to care for your animals. You can be a part of the team that ensures their future success.

Give to scholarships today and help educate the next generation of veterinary nurses and doctors!

CVM General Scholarships

Many students pay a high price to realize their lifelong dream to help animals. Newly-graduated veterinarians enter the workforce with enormous amounts of debt. The average debt at graduation is $170K. 85.5% of our DVM students graduate with debt. With less debt, students can focus on their education. Your generosity can help students become future doctors who learn, discover, heal and protect.

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Veterinary Nursing Scholarships

Scholarships play a key role in supporting veterinary nurses — much like our nurses play a key role in supporting all of veterinary medicine. Veterinary nurses are there, serving clients and caring for patients during examinations, procedures, and daily care. Our Veterinary Nursing program equips students to handle whatever patient or problem they will fact. Here at MSU, our students are trained in the classroom and the hospital by a nationally recognized team. These professionals play a vital role in the day-to-day operations of veterinary medicine.

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