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Michigan State University
December 3, 2019

College of Veterinary Medicine Scholarship Fund

Scholarships at the College of Veterinary Medicine are vitally important. They help make Michigan State an enticing choice for talented students all over the country and help keep Michigan’s best and brightest right here in the state.

Top students then become the quality veterinarians and veterinary technicians that you rely on to care for your animals, both in local practices and at the Veterinary Medical Center.

Give to MSU College of Veterinary Medicine and help Educate the Next Generation of Veterinarians!

We are looking to meet the single greatest need of the College today — scholarships. The College is relying on you to make an investment in the future.

Scholarships are vital for the future of our College and the profession. There is a tremendous payoff within each scholarship — every $1.00 in scholarship replaces $2.00 in loan payments for a veterinary student.

Matching Challenge

Help us reach our match! Dr. George and Dr. Janet Eyster have generously challenged us with $5,000 to reach our goal. YOU can help us get there and turn our $5,000 goal into $10,000 for scholarships!

$5,000 Goal