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Undergraduate Student Emergency Support

There are times when emergencies and urgent demands arise that we aren’t financially prepared to take on. Each year, many MSU students are caught off guard by unforeseen emergency situations and turn to MSU for financial assistance. Donor support to university-wide emergency funds creates the opportunity to remove potential roadblocks on the path to graduation.

Give to undergraduate student emergency support funds and help students overcome financial barriers when facing unforeseen crises.

Support Our Spartans (SOS) Student Emergency Needs Fund

The Support Our Spartans (SOS) Students Emergency Needs Fund was created to provide students with immediate financial support to cover educational costs and unanticipated expenses during crises such as, but not limited to, accidents, illness, death of a family member, fire damage or need for temporary housing. A donation to the SOS Emergency Fund can turn an unforeseen moment of crisis into a moment of unexpected generosity for a fellow Spartan.

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MSU Student Discretionary and Emergency Fund

When emergencies arise, it may make it difficult for a student to make their tuition payments, and students may face the decision of having to drop out of their program as a result. The MSU Student Emergency Fund allows MSU to step in to assist students who are in need because of emergency situations. Gifts made to the MSU Student Emergency Fund provide the Office of Financial Aid with expendable resources to meet emergency needs and to help ensure that students can continue their education while going through difficult times.

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