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College of Social Science

Experiential learning is essential to helping students develop real life skills which will prepare them for life outside of the classroom. Your support to these programs and internships alleviate costs associated with the experience such as travel and housing, and provide opportunities for students to grow as professionals, scholars and individuals.

Give to the College of Social Science study away and study abroad programs and help alleviate costs associated with the experience such as travel and housing.

Innovate Gov Fund

InnovateGov prepares and delivers MSU’s most vital resource – talented and motivated students – to Detroit’s civic institutions while providing our students with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to do real and impactful work on the city’s most critical social challenges to help to build a thriving and equitable future for all Detroit residents.

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Flint Community Initiative

The Flint Community Initiative (FCI) prepares and invests the time, gifts and talents of students passionate to make a difference – to engage in meaningful work in nonprofit community organizations in Flint while providing our students with a unique opportunity develop skills in hands-on, collaborative community development projects.

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College of Social Science Study Abroad Programs

The College of Social Science has a long-standing commitment to education abroad and offers an array of opportunities to help students explore the globe.

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