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College of Natural Science (NatSci)

Ready to make a difference? We are featuring two projects this year:

The first is the (NatSci) Student Emergency Fund, which provides immediate financial support when students need assistance with school-related or unanticipated emergency expenses. The second is the Charles Drew Science Scholars Program, which provides academic and social support to high-achieving students—especially those historically underrepresented in science—to promote student success.

Contribute to these vital funds today! The gratitude will be unparalleled, and your generosity can change a life.

Drew Program Enrichment Fund

The Drew Enrichment Fund is used to support the area of greatest need within the program, such as lessening the financial burden for students—particularly incoming students—and to help current students achieve their goals—both academic and professional.

$5,800 raised from 16 gifts 115 of $5,000 goal
College of Natural Science (NatSci) Student Emergency Fund

The NatSci Student Emergency Fund provides mini grants to help give students that “little extra” to get by so that they can continue pursuing their educational and career aspirations. To date, the fund has supported 114 students for a total of $113,116 since disbursements began in April 2019.

$7,815 raised from 35 gifts 156 of $5,000 goal
136 Funded

$10,000 Goal

13,615 Amount raised

51 Gifts received