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Michigan State University

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College of Music

MSU’s College of Music is flourishing, and we are proud to be an exemplary academic community that embodies MSU’s commitment to student success, faculty excellence, and our land-grant mission through scholarship, research, outreach, engagement, and entrepreneurship. Our ability to achieve these objectives is largely due to the generous contributions of our donors and this support inspires us to continue to strive for excellence.

Our students, faculty, and staff represent the best of MSU on a global scale, making a profound impact in classrooms and communities around the world. Their performances are captivating, leaving a lasting impression on audiences, while our alumni continue to set exceptional standards in their respective fields.

Give to the College of Music and help support our Running Start Career Entrepreneurship Program and our Community Music Schools

College of Music Entrepreneurship – Running Start Program

The college’s career services Running Start Program is a game-changer for students looking to turn their passions into successful careers. The program offers personalized career coaching, connects students with alumni and faculty, and provides online resources for internships, job opportunities, auditions, and more. Moreover, Running Start expands students’ knowledge of marketing, finance, and non-profit management. Funding will help students build portfolio careers in music.

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Community Music School – East Lansing

CMS-East Lansing has been exemplifying the remarkable ability of music to make a lasting impact on people's lives. Their exceptional programs and services enable individuals of all ages and abilities to learn, enjoy, and use music for therapeutic purposes. In addition, financial assistance is readily available to those who require it.

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Community Music School – Detroit

An incubator for artistic excellence, CMS-D cultivates a diverse and connected community by providing opportunities for lifelong education, college and/or career readiness, mentorship, and belonging. Students ages 0–100 engage weekly in high-quality and accessible sequential music education through early childhood music, music therapy, group and private lessons, youth ensembles, adult ensembles, and music production classes.

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