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MSU Museum Educational Programs Fund

The MSU Museum’s CoLaborators are a team of students that spark thoughtful discussions, facilitate ideas, and infuse learning and creativity through MSU Museum exhibitions and outreach. The team is composed of students who study in a range of programs across campus, from the sciences to the humanities.

The CoLaborators help facilitate deeper learning around the subjects and themes of exhibitions and educational programs by creating a space for visitors to ask questions based on their interests and actively reflect on the content of the show. In turn, the students that serve as CoLaborators learn from the wide range of expertise and interests that visitors bring to these experiences as well.

In sum, the CoLaborator program focuses on developing interdisciplinary mindsets and science communication, project management, and problem-solving skills among our students through experiential learning.

Please support the CoLaborator program and help students build the communication skills and problem-solving needed to thrive in the knowledge economy.

The CoLaborator program ignites passion in young people for new ideas that can guide their career and educational choices while building the empathy, communication skills, and ethical understanding to thrive in the knowledge economy.

The CoLaborator program relies 100% on donors to provide student employees a living wage while they gain invaluable professional and personal experience. Every dollar donated to the program helps hire a diverse group of 15 to 20 CoLaborators annually that mirrors the diversity of our community.

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