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MSU Broad Art Museum Student Ambassadors Fund

At the MSU Broad Art Museum, we believe that art has the power to bring students together while challenging them to see different points of view. We also believe that museum interactions are more impactful when visitors are given the opportunity to become active participants in designing their own experience.

The museum’s Student Ambassador program offers a paid leadership opportunity for undergraduate students to be integral in shaping and diversifying what student engagement looks like at the museum.

Program participants across various backgrounds work together to create a more inclusive museum that is by and for students, while gaining valuable leadership skills and hands-on experience critical to future success. The events, initiatives, and marketing strategies Student Ambassadors devise cultivate a sense of ownership, strengthen the museum’s relationship with students, and make the museum more relevant and accessible to our MSU student body.

Give to the MSU Broad Art Museum and help provide arts-focused leadership opportunities for undergraduate students.

The Student Ambassadors shape student experiences at the MSU Broad Art Museum and serve as an important voice for the university student body within our spaces. They advise staff on effective and creative ways to engage students through exhibitions, programs, and communications while also organizing diverse and inclusive student-centered events. A gift to the Student Ambassadors Fund supports these undergraduates and the arts-focused opportunities they create for their peers.

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