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Michigan State University

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$1,550,749 Amount raised
7,254 Gifts received


Give Green. Go White! By contributing to the athletic programs below, you’re not just making a donation; you’re actively “Investing In Champions” and empowering Spartan student-athletes to pursue a world-class education while playing the sport they love. Your investment allows for crucial equipment upgrades, state-of-the-art strength training, advanced medical care, performance and wellness programs, and the advancement of championship-level facilities; instrumental in ensuring our athletes have the necessary resources to achieve at the highest levels.

As an athletics department, our mission is clear: to enrich the student-athlete experience, fostering both academic and athletic growth for over 700 champions. Together, we’re shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

Will you join us?

Give to Spartan Fund to support 700+ student-athletes in the classroom, in competition, and in the community.

Spartan Fund

Spartan Fund's fundraising focus this year is the EXP Tour by Student-Athlete Support Services, facilitating student-athletes' networking and exploring career opportunities in Chicago this April Chuck & Coco McCallum - $5,000 match

$49,916 raised from 99 gifts
Champions Edge

Prepare student-athletes for optimal health & wellness, performance, and personal success through efforts like the Clara Bell Smith Academic Center fueling station, used between tutoring sessions. Michigan Millers - $5,000 match

$8,420 raised from 23 gifts

Baseball is raising funds to improve the dugout benches, purchase CoverMaster surface tarp, and continue student-athletes’ development through the use of Hack Attack and Mini Hack Attack systems. Steve & Lindsey Schunk - $5,000 match Anonymous - $10,000

$34,925 raised from 39 gifts
Men's Basketball

Men’s basketball is raising funds to improve food and nutrition programming.

$14,203 raised from 48 gifts
Women's Basketball

Spartan women’s basketball is raising funds to update the team’s locker room with core messaging and graphics. Marty Gibbs - $5,000 match Chuck & Coco McCallum - $5,000 match

$19,000 raised from 62 gifts

Spartan cheer is raising funds to cover travel to Nationals and away football games.

$8,120 raised from 96 gifts
Dance Team

Spartan dance is raising funds to cover all expenses for Nationals including; travel, consultants, choreographers, costumes, equipment, meals, team gear, and practice rental space.

$5,060 raised from 27 gifts
Men's Cross Country

Men’s cross country is raising funds to upgrade their uniforms. Todd & Marcia Moss - $5,000 match

$3,820 raised from 26 gifts
Women's Cross Country

The Women’s cross country team is raising funds to upgrade their uniforms.

$9,755 raised from 46 gifts
Field Hockey

Field hockey is raising funds to strengthen their team by embarking on an International Goodwill & Exhibition tour to South Africa in May 2024. Mike and Midge Morrow - $5,000 match Anonymous - $5,000 match

$37,535 raised from 362 gifts

Football is raising funds for player development, specifically nutrition, athletic training, and strength equipment. Thomas & Sandra Visser - $5,000 match

$15,575 raised from 33 gifts
Men's Golf

Men’s golf is raising funds to offset off-season team travel to Florida for practice and training. Abood Law Firm - $10,000 match

$19,302 raised from 27 gifts
Women's Golf

Women’s golf is raising funds for foreign trip to Spain along with maintenance upgrades to golf facilities. Tom & Deni Nihra - $25,000 match Sarah & Renny Uppal - $5,000 match

$59,182 raised from 49 gifts

Gymnastics is raising funds for (2) AAI elite balance beams, (2) uneven bars, and (2) stall bars. Anonymous - $5,000 match

$7,577 raised from 66 gifts
Ice Hockey

Ice hockey needs your support to upgrade the sound system at Munn Ice Arena for an improved game day and fan experience. Ken & Kirsten Zisholz - $5,000 match Jeff Hakala - $10,000 match

$75,760 raised from 214 gifts

Expenses associated with out-of-state competitions are on the rise. Your gifts will play a direct role in supporting the team's travel costs, particularly to the southern region. Anonymous - $25,000 match

$38,420 raised from 161 gifts
Men's Soccer

Men’s soccer is raising funds to improve game day travel, specifically chartered flights instead of bus rides, for the purpose of improved competition readiness. Alianza FC - $5,000 match Anonymous - $5,000 match Brad & April Lunsford - $10,000 match Dave & Terri Smith will give an additional $5,000 to the soccer program that raises the most.

$78,082 raised from 143 gifts
Women's Soccer

With the B1G’s cross-country expansion, women’s soccer is raising funds for quicker travel to enhance game day readiness and program excellence. Stewart & Erin Oldford - $5,000 match Jim & Kathy Baker - $5,000 match Dave & Terri Smith will give an additional $5,000 to the soccer program that raises the most.

$40,625 raised from 157 gifts

Softball is raising funds for new pitching machines and hitting technology to improve their student-athletes’ performance on the field. Mike Pruente, Jr. - $2,500 match

$10,100 raised from 37 gifts
Men's Tennis

Men’s tennis is raising funds to take their team on a spring break training trip in 2025. Kevin Hart - $10,000 match Aaron & Linda Murray - $10,000 match

$27,272 raised from 331 gifts
Women's Tennis

Women’s tennis is raising funds for Analytics software. This tool can help players and coaches better analyze their performance and make informed decisions to improve their game. Angie Hubbell - $5,000 match John & Michelle Low - $5,000 match

$21,695 raised from 27 gifts
Men's Track and Field

Men’s track & field is raising funds for a throws cage to improve safety and training conditions. Paul Terek - $2,500 match

$10,020 raised from 29 gifts
Women's Track and Field

Women’s track & field is raising funds for a throws cage to improve safety and training conditions.

$4,885 raised from 35 gifts

Volleyball is raising funds for the team to participate in the "Poison Pawn" mental performance workshop. Anonymous - $5,000 match (x2) Sarah & Renny Uppal - $5,000 match

$28,860 raised from 45 gifts

Spartan wrestling is raising funds to purchase new competition mats for the first time in 8 years. Martin Clemens - $5,000 match

$31,140 raised from 195 gifts
Spartan helmet thermometer representing the project goal

659,249 Amount raised

2,377 Gifts received